Month: June 2021

Rejected Lore book cover

Rejected Lore 2 – Vex Mythoclast

Sometimes time loops collapse and collapse loops time sometimes.

Decades ago there were two weapons in a vex simulation, an Auto Rifle and a Fusion Rifle, sitting in a trash bin, covered in saliva. That’s where they should have remained, but that simulation collapsed. During the final moments of that collapse, knowing the end was near…

Rejected Lore book cover

Rejected Lore 1 – Ace of Spades

Cayde-6 sat at a table across from Uldren Sov. He didn’t sit like we do, because he’s cooler than that, also because he had recently been rebooted for the 5th time and had forgotten how to properly sit down.
Differences had been set aside, guns had been placed in their holsters, cards had been placed onto the table and wagers had been made…