Rejected Lore book cover

Rejected Lore 7 – RainbowTeeth

At Budgie we write a lot of lore, but we also write a lot of bad lore that doesn’t make it into the game. This is the Rejected Lore.

Rejected Lore 7 – RainbowTeeth

RainbowTeeth approached the abandoned factory.  She opened the door and the smell smacked her across the face, the part of the face between her mouth and eyes.  She knew this smell, she loved this smell.  It smelled just like the candles that Hawthorne had given her, the ones she lit when she was anxious or snacky.  She knew then what this factory made, she just had to find the stash.

The Titan emoted with glee as she found her pot of gold.  Gold coloured boxes of crayons,  all the colours of all the rainbow and then some.  They even had her favourite flavours: striker blue, sentinel purple and sunbreaker orange. These would last her a lifetime, it would save her so much glimmer, enough that she might even be able to afford to reset her artifact.

She packed up all she could carry and was about to leave when she noticed a photograph on the wall.  A photo that explained everything.  The photo explained why those candles smelled familiar to her, why she had that odd snacking habit (the one she was named after), and why all of her sexual fantasies involved coloured wax.  It was a framed photo of her and her rainbow teeth brimming ear to ear. Under the picture of her read the words “Employee of the Month”.