Rejected Lore book cover

Rejected Lore 6 – The Chaperone

At Budgie we write a lot of lore, but we also write a lot of bad lore that doesn’t make it into the game. This is the Rejected Lore.

Rejected Lore 6 – The Chaperone

“Why is Mr. Pompodopolous carrying that shotgun?”

“I heard he sleeps with that thing. We call it the Chaperone, it’s always with him.”

“What is he worried about, another Red War? Like the Cabal are gonna come running through the doors.  I mean he’s a teacher at a guardian high school, what could he possibly need that for?”

“If you look up close you can see lipstick on it.”


“ I swear, there’s this little red stain, right on the end.”

“That could be anything.”

“And two months ago, he came in with burnt lips.”

“Probably just a cold sore.”

“Jack said he saw him dancing in his office with it the other day, he really needs a girl.”

“Yeah, like Cobra over there making out with Cynthia.”

“Wait, where is Cobra’s left hand, do you see it anywhere?  His right hand is there behind her head, but…”

“I think…it’s in her darkness.”

BOOM, the noise rattled the entire cafeteria.  Smoke emanated throughout the room.  It slowly cleared away and there was Mr. Pompodopolous holding the smoking shotgun standing over a stiff Cobra body.  He turned his head towards Cynthia.

“When he revives, tell him to keep his hands to himself.”