Rejected Lore book cover

Rejected Lore 1 – Ace of Spades

At Budgie we write a lot of lore, but we also write a lot of bad lore that doesn’t make it into the game. This is the Rejected Lore.

Rejected Lore – Ace of Spades

Cayde-6 sat at a table across from Uldren Sov. He didn’t sit like we do, because he’s cooler than that, also because he had recently been rebooted for the 5th time and had forgotten how to properly sit down.
Differences had been set aside, guns had been placed in their holsters, cards had been placed onto the table and wagers had been made.
What started minutes ago had all come down to this last turn. Only one card could save Cayde now. If it came now the game was his. If not, then he would be the one wearing the mullet wig for 6 months.
He liked his chances. The card in his hand had the same name as the gun in his holster. He had left the Ace of Clubs Pulse Rifle at home. It was a good sign.
Uldren Sov stood up from the table and started to walk around. It took a while, since the table was made extra long just to build suspense.
He walked some more, and then some more still. The suspense was really suspenseful.
He finally finished his immense journey, bent over to Cayde’s ear and whispered.
“Go fish”.