Rejected Lore book cover

Rejected Lore 4 – Gravity Forfeit

At Budgie we write a lot of lore, but we also write a lot of bad lore that doesn’t make it into the game. This is the Rejected Lore.

Rejected Lore 4 – Gravity Forfeit

“I call Titans”

“I got Hunters.  Alex, you got Warlocks.”

“How does this work.”

“Its snakes and ladders, but instead of dice we use jumpers.  If the jumper is your class you move 2 spaces.”

“If we sit here under the tower, won’t we get hit by their bodies.”

“Nah. The ghosts res them before they hit the ground.”

“We got one, that’s a hunter.”

“Bonus points for Titans if Zavala jumps.”

“Zavala doesn’t jump.”

“Does so, he jumped last game.”

“That wasn’t him, it was just some scrub wearing the same armour.”

“Warlock. Alex, move your guy.”

“Another hunter.”

“Look at this blueberry coming with no exotic armour on, Titan of course.”

“I am so close, just one more hunter and it’s overrrrr!”

“Here comes one, it’s a Warlock.”

“No, that’s a hunter, see her cloak.”

“It’s a robe you dope!”

“It’s a cloak tangled around both sides. It’s a hunter, I win! I win!”

“Is not, it’s a ‘lock.”

“You’re just jealous!”

“And you’re just a cheater, Alex’s move!”

“I won, I won, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah.”



“Who gets the points for that?”

“Oh my god, that’s not a guardian.”

“It’s a poncho.”